After losing consciousness, Fifi writes a letter to herself: Have you ever thought that…


E Enjte 25 Nëntor 2021, 12:12 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar / 

After the incident that happened during the live show of "Big Brother Vip", when Fifi fainted, after a debate between her and the opinionist Balina, the singer decided to write a letter to herself.

In the letter, Fifi wonders if she has thought of making some changes in relation to others so as not to hurt herself.


Dear Fifi, How are you? I wish you this letter well. I have something very important to say. Have you ever considered becoming a little colder? Have you ever considered taking things in stride? Have you ever thought that not everyone will become acquainted with what you perceive? Have you ever thought that it is not necessary to please everyone? Have you ever considered valuing yourself more for who you are, not for what others want you to be? Have you ever thought that not everyone will respect you? WHY DO THEY DAMAGE THEMSELVES? Have you ever thought that you should shrug off your thoughts and start not caring about others more than yourself? Not everyone will understand you. Not everyone will take the opinion for granted. Not everyone will love you.