'You will be separated', Mary warns: Beware of this sign that it will betray


E Enjte 21 Janar 2021, 14:02 / Kategoria Horoskopi & Fati / 

A radical change awaits us which overturns an easy solution or life. Anything we have easily achieved or adapted easily to personal comfort. Today comes to change from a very strong seduction or magnetism that brings inevitable change, announces astrologer Mary.

You will make an investment related to work and personal life issues, which until now you had not done nor had you taken the trouble

You will be separated from a relationship which has put you in comfort, but which has no spiritual value for you. Today you are expected to betray in quotes someone who has given you a lot in your life

You will take a difficult journey after some news or a temptation for a new job or a new erotic adventure that will change your life

You will take a different path from the current one by entering into a new cooperative relationship or a new economic way. But the exposure to risk will be greater

You will experience a separation from a close family member who kept you under his own protection, making the progress of your work and married life very conditional.

Someone who has been upset with you over the last few years will ask to leave working with you and this will cost you in economic matters

Sot keni nje dite shume erotike e cila do ju coj drejt nje joshje te rrezikshme ne planin personal duke ju bere te merrni nje kthese ne jeten tuaj personale

Do pergatitet situata ne shtepine tuaj te dilni me te vetem per te filluar nje marredhenie te re personale pas nje ndarje me dike qe jetonit bashke

Nje menyre e re punesimi apo lajme te reja dhe propozime te reja ne lidhje me punen tuaj do favorizohen ne diten e sotme. Kjo mbart nje rrezik, por joshja do jete me e madhe se frika

Per ju do kete nje surprize ne diten e sotme pasi ne nje ceshtje ekonomike te sigurt do perjetoni nje shtyrje dhe nje ndryshim i cili vjen nga nje lidhje erotike qe ju ndikon me shume se vetja juaj

Great passions, erotic connections that finalize with very romantic and secret meetings. This will make a difference in existing connections

You will get into a dead end if you think that now you are stronger alone and that you have a clearer purpose. In fact you are still at risk of going out alone.