Rita Ora undergoes surgery: It's very painful ...


E Premte 14 Shkurt 2020, 16:04 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

Albanian singer Rita Ora has announced she has undergone surgery. In an Instagram post, Rita shows that she has removed tonsils and was very painful.

"Two weeks ago I underwent tonsillectomy and I'm telling you it's no joke. It's very painful, but on the other hand it has given me time to reflect calmly and recover. It's a blessing to be able to recover in peace and to visualize what you will do in the future, "Rita has shown.

In the video the singer appears drawing some hearts to congratulate the fans.

"I'm not Monet, but I like the colors. That's why I made some quick drawings for those I love. Congratulations Valentine's Day lovers," Rita writes.