His mother celebrates his birthday, Arbana makes the most beautiful public greeting


E Premte 14 Shkurt 2020, 12:12 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

In addition to being a successful moderator, Arbana Osmani is also very committed to her family and loved ones. She has often told us that she has a special relationship with her mother whom she considers a close friend.

Today Arbana's mother is celebrating her birthday and the moderator has posted some photos where she congratulates him with the sweetest words.

Arbana calls her mother Tuta caressing and congratulates her with some photos from their moments together.

Happy Birthday My beautiful Tuta
It brings you so much joy

You are my best friend
Ready to drink wine even though you hate it
It always comes with fashion
And with the pancakes
Love you
And I hope one day Jon will love me half of what I love you