'I made the breast' / 9 the most stupid things Albanian girls have done to a man


E Shtunë 8 Shkurt 2020, 13:01 / Kategoria XingFeed /  Read in English

By the question we posed on the "xing.al" Instagram, the girls told us the most crazy things they had done for a male, from breast to valium to sleeping with his family. Read the girl stories below.

"I acted like I was drunk to have sex, but he said no you are drunk and I don't want to benefit"

"I came to England, after that I left my life in Italy, now I am in England undocumented"

"I have paid off the debts of the game"

"I gave valium to family"

"I gave him a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the faculty. He was embarrassed"

"I sprayed it with nutella and licked it everywhere uaa"

"I pretended I wanted to be jealous, but in the end she told me I couldn't interfere with a relationship"

"I became a vegetarian for her. Well we felt like I was dying to eat"

"I did the chest just to look at them"