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It may have drawn attention to the security Instagram, not only for being beautiful and sexy, but also for her writings full of feeling and to put in thoughts. As it defines the persons like ourselves, we decided to call it 'A rare rose in New York. We are talking about the Magi or Camaj Daisy Camaj, Albanian who grew up in the Bronx, New York. She has a degree in Art and Justice and has personally published full seven literary works. Last, 'Feel' yes 'sprout' in every corner of the world after pictures that fans send writer on social networks.

Magi has collaborated several times with blog and community 'two Elizabeths' after her first one left a very good taste logs is also quoted and referred to a number of important magazines like 'Darling Magazine' etc. Her article on Valentine's Day was very successful.

She believes that love is the most powerful thing to exist even though people are flawed and words that she throws in rows on the subject are among the highlights on Instagram. Daisy also has a deep passion for the unification of Albanian youth of this generation and to bring to light issues that are present in the Albanian community.

The passionately in love with the city of New York where it is grown, Magi is determined to bring to light issues present in the neighborhoods of this city - especially in relation to disadvantaged areas. She calls the children who grow up in these areas, "rare Roses of the city of New York." She believes that what many might see as a disadvantage for these children, turns out to be an advantage if they remain focused. Detached from her blog

It always includes this writing her biography, because he thinks everyone should know that just by how it makes them feel her words and not her credentials.

Intelligent, successful, with many talents, Daisy Camaj is also very beautiful. See photos:

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