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"That sang Let It Be" song of life is a soundtrack of prison for kohws known singer Sheriff Merdani, who only a few days after celebrating 77th birthday. "I am happy, I am very happy ..." - he says he understands and easy emotion. Real life has begun too late, too late as he sent the youth, love, marriage and parenting. But there is no repentance today ... neither sorrow. God is generous and noble after dark, he says.

I invited this afternoon "Rudina" Sheriff Merdani narrated difficult life after prison Festival 11th - the conviction of many singers and composers who wanted to sing "Let It Be."

After '89, when the singer began the real life began to happen one by one even wonders. Today, more than two decades, he is married with Rozalbën, the chosen man to life, which has been the strong support of the artist, especially after the difficult prison life. But it is also blessed with a son, Gerard, to whom also feels very proud.

"There is a God's power, which I've always believed. I feel privileged, I am happy to be here today ... "- he points to studies Rudina.

?astet, the most beautiful moments and endless stories of life, Merdani remembers with trembling voice, but even if you have lived for 5 years as a pensioner, has no intention to leave the song. With his son, he has also launched a tour of all the cities of Albania, to bring back to the public of his best songs, but also to be closer to his fans.

Relationship with Rozalbën and recognition of it as an interesting story, which bore on its own initiative. Reminiscent of the early 90s, when he was newly released from prison: "After prison, invite me to a concert in Shkodra with celebrities, which lasted a week. Rozalba had the courage and came out to the theater. I asked if it was high school, because I thought he wanted some autographs. But she came back, "No, I am 27 vje?, am math teacher ... It seemed too cramped to be at that age, but in the beginning it was tempting ... Thus began, from that moment was not shared more ... ".

Although they have a difference of 21 years, Sheriff shows that the life has been and continues to be a complete harmony. Not surprisingly, gjith?ka believed the dream today is to live. And despite 77 anniversary celebrating after a few days, believes that he will live at least another 20 years ... for lost youth in prison for life not left to live, but also to enjoy more years with family and, in a near future, why not, even with grandchildren. (Class)