Rescued from earthquake, Kiko's dog becomes new home


E Hënë 2 Dhjetor 2019, 23:11 / Kategoria Lajmet e fundit /  Read in English

Sometimes dogs can be the greatest heroes, as in the case of Kiko. The dog became famous for the Albanian public with its special rescue story. On the morning of November 26, when Albania was shaken by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, it rescued its owners, first barking and then removing the blanket and biting them.

This story has been told by its owners themselves on Top Channel where, among other things, they said that they would never leave the dog unless they accepted it, and they would stay out. At a resort where the family was staying, they were driven out of Kiko at 12 noon because animals were not allowed. So the owners have left with him. Thankfully, Prime Minister Edi Rama has provided them with a resort where they can stay without problems with the puppy.