Are you in a high-rise building during an earthquake? Here's what to do


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The earthquake causes panic in all people, though we should try to get as far as possible that this panic can be to our detriment. The panic is even greater for people who live on the top floors of a building because they do not know what to do in such cases, running to get out or to get home. The following is a 6-point list of why it's best not to walk or run in an earthquake in the event of an earthquake:

1) Walking / Jogging during an earthquake are at risk. The floor where you are and the ground are in motion. Studies in Japan have shown that moving in such cases significantly increases the chances of injury.

2) Wrapping with any durable material is the only way to protect yourself from falling things, which are the main source of damage during an earthquake.

3) When you feel the first quake of the earthquake you do not know how big it is or how long it will last. So if you want to leave, you are taking the risk of crashing and being hit by falling objects. Risk / reward analysis in such cases almost always favors on-site housing.

4) Earthquakes don't last that long. How fast can you get out of your building when the floor and stairs are unpredictably moving and things are falling on you? Chances are you can't do this in a single earthquake.

5) Objects / debris falls in and out. So it is not enough to simply leave the building. You need to leave your building and any other buildings nearby. Falling materials, such as brick or glass, can kill people outside buildings during the earthquake.

6) If the building is demolished, solid pieces of furniture or bathtubs can provide them with a place to shelter until rescuers come to find them. If you try to walk, you will be vulnerable to these dangers.