Hurry up friends: The 5 Strangest Things Albanians Sell Online


E Hënë 9 Shtator 2019, 19:07 / Kategoria XingFeed /  Read in English

Nowadays, online shopping has become a common thing as prices are also cheaper. However, there are various surprises on the various online sites. Albanians can really leave you speechless when it comes to selling things online. We at have been thinking of bringing you a list of weird things that Albanians sell on various online sites so you won't be surprised to see them in one place:

1. Coffins: 'Sell good coffins' says the other. Hope you make us a discount!

2. Traffic lights: We're getting them, unless we end up putting them in home décor for anything else ... well where you know maybe a traffic light in the kitchen would look really nice!

3. Match: Well so much security as offered, no chance to make a name!

4. Bachelor and Master Degree Topics: Selling and buying diploma topics is a widespread phenomenon, and there are certain social networking sites and groups created to get in touch with the people who perform these services. with pay. Here are the consequences of laziness, do not learn and let them extort you for a task that you can very well do yourself!

5. In online sales, you go in for something to your liking and meanwhile reads "2000 Euro Offered If You Find The Person In Touch."