Single and home: 7 VIP Albanian boys who know how to clean and cook


E Diel 8 Shtator 2019, 18:06 / Kategoria XingFeed /  Read in English

They are often commented on new songs, gigs, expensive cars, privacy, but not everyone knows that they are also home boys. There are few guys who know how to cook, take care of the house, go shopping and those few who are, we are bringing you this article with VIP guys.

It's one of the most successful, highly paid rappers who makes a living, but Noizy prepares it himself when it comes to cooking. The rapper has often posted moments when he cooks for friends coming home or cooks dinners for himself. Even Noizy knows how to cook a variety of dishes, from the simplest ones to the ones we consume in restaurants.

Stress is also a boy at home and he has recently proven this. The rapper does his home shopping and also knows how to cook.

Invited to Roza Lati's show "Bread With Him", Stress prepared her own food during the trip, and her friends along with Rosa were amazed at the rapper's skills, reports.

Another rapper who knows how to cook is Cozman. He has shown this on one occasion when he appeared cooking for members of the Babastars group.

Capital T also likes to cook. His video featuring food preparations made the network lap a few months ago as the rapper appeared to be cooking with much desire and happy as he danced.

Also on the list is singer Flori Mumajesi, who is sorely lacking in public these days. Flori recently posted some photos showing her cooking with his friends.

Even the singer knows how to make sacrifice, traditional Kosovar food, says.

Even Robert Berisha is a boy at home. In an interview he has shown that he does shopping, cooks, and bathes the girl. Robert a few days ago declared separation from Nora Istrefi after 14 years together.

Albanian singer Albert Stanaj is also a good cook. He even posted a photo as he prepared stuffed peppers and advised the boys to learn how to cook./