10 childhood memories that only Albanians can understand


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In the 90s generation (in this article they find themselves before the 90s too), we know very well that our childhood has been more beautiful than it is today, a time when technology and television have fixed children from a very young age . At “Xing.al”, as we fondly remember our childhood, we were also reminded of the expressions we once used or the actions we were obsessed with because of traditions.

1. Throw bread when you didn't want to eat it, but kiss it 3 times before you throw it

2.Don't leave the last bite of otherwise saying 'to vd.es mom'

3. Make your fist and finger joints indicate which month has 30 days and which month has 31 days

4. When not eating or behaving badly, three were the people you just listened to: the doctor, the policeman and the scarecrow.

5. Whenever lemza caught you, mention names in a row. When the lemza ceased, that name was remembered

6. When making mistakes, Mom would take the snipe, the fly killer or the nap

7. When friends came home, they would give you money that you were the smallest in the family

8. If you did well, Daddy would bring you presents (though the latter never came)

9.The cherries we put in our ears as earrings, the TV counter was the microphone, the chibi sticks were the cigarettes and the tictacs were the medicine

10. The Word We Did Not Forget: For a 'd' you don't put, the word door becomes odor and the house stays without a door. For a 'm' you don't put, the word friend gets away. What makes him more loyal he tells his departing friend?

11. You knock on your neighbor's door and run away

12.Shoot the tooth with the door

13. Create shaded hands

14. When we were stomping on our feet we would say: "You go, you go, you shepherd me with goats". These verses varied from city to city. Let us know in the comments what you said./Xing.al