Make a story of the past, Mimoza in a new society


E Mërkurë 14 Gusht 2019, 19:07 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

Artists Mimoza Shkodra and Seldi Qalliu ended their relationship long ago. Since then, though Mimoza has continued to publish music projects, she has not been very active on social media.

The artist occasionally shares with his followers new music projects or images from the everyday, such as the latter. The holidays have also arrived for Mimoza and her instagram profile is currently filled with new posts from the beach.

It looks like the famous singer has given up on the past by not letting it affect her. In the past we refer to Seldi. She appears in the company of her girlfriends and appears to be fans of La Casa de Papel. That's because in the picture description Mimoza wrote the name of three characters from this series.

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