One of the most powerful businessmen, it is revealed who pays vacation to Ghenta BB


E Shtunë 10 Gusht 2019, 10:10 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

Genta Butter was made famous by her participation in "Big Brother", but today she is one of the most commented characters in the media, often causing news with sensational statements or photos she posts on social media.

Genta recently posted a photo of the pool where she shows up with her closest friend, manager Gianni Demika, who has grown old with the popular VIP-used app. Genta humorously writes that this is the old man who pays the holidays and that he is among the most powerful businessmen.

"It is revealed the old man who pays Gentes holidays. He is called Xhemal Demika, when he was a young man worked as a singer manager, and now he is one of the most powerful oil businessmen in Ballsh," writes Genta.

But Gianni also has not left Genta defective by aging her as well, writing: "I present to you my French bride who holds me with all the best and luxury I love Nina."

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