A few months after the wedding, the famous showbiz coup towards separation.


E Premte 15 Mars 2019, 10:10 / Kategoria Showbiz nga Bota /  Read in English

A few months ago, the famous singer of the hit "Baby" Justin Bieber suddenly gave birth to celibacy with the model, Hailey Rhode. The couple even did not make a marriage ceremony officially married to the court.

However, it has long been rumored that their relationship is not good at all. "Us Weekly" sources have confessed that Justin and Hailey are going through a very difficult and challenging period. According to them one of the main causes is Justin's bad personal condition.

Their family members are very worried about the two young people because they have many problems with trust, and their relationship is crumbling, and there are many who think that the pair is heading towards partition, just months after the wedding.

"He still wants and needs her to be his wife and she wants to support her. But it's difficult when it's all over, "said the source.

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