They said he is the boyfriend of Bora Zeman, Donald Veshaj talks about the relationship


E Enjte 14 Mars 2019, 09:09 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

A few weeks ago it was rumored in the media that humor actor Donald Veshaj, known as one of 'Al Pazar' twins, was about moderator Bora Zemani. In an interview, Bora refused to be affiliated and said there is nothing new in her life, but sources for 'Panorama Plus' showed that the couple who, after being introduced to Tv Klan's premises, are in a romance.

Invited yesterday evening at the Soirée show, Donaldi talked about his private life by revealing the conditions that his future partner should have.

"Suffice to be ... can be foreign. I want a person to give me what I gave! Today, this is where you are from, where you come from. I could marry a lushnjare, "said Donaldi, not discovering whether he is single or tied.

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