Our heroines: 17 Albanian women who have been proud of us throughout history


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Today, on March 8th, on International Women's Day, at "Xing.al" we decided to bring back to the attention of 17 Albanian women who have been proud of us over the years and centuries.

1. Mother Theresa - The Albanian humanist devoted the lives of the poor, sheltering the abandoned children and helping those who suffered from the disease. Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) was described as a woman, bold, pragmatic and wise. For Mother Teresa has spoken the whole world and became one of the liaison bridges of Albanian recognition in the world.

2. The Teuta - She was known as the Illyrians' Lucky and Undisputed Queen. Teuta served as a queen after her husband Agron's death. The early life of Teuta and the year of its birth are still a mystery and its grave has never been discovered.

3. Elena Gjika was one of the most renowned Albanian writers who had great influence in promoting the Albanian national affair and made great contributions to the Albanian League of Prizren. Elena Gjika was a writer, journalist, scientist of a pan-European level. Her writings have received a high European rating. In them she raised the voice for the emancipation of Romanian, Albanian, Serbian women and women of other nations.

4.Shote Galica is one of the immortal historical figures, an Albanian Zhan d'Ark. Shote fought for 12 years against Serbian forces for the liberation of Kosovo. The Albanian Triméresha was proclaimed Heroine of the People.

5. Albanian fighter was also Maro Kondi, the first martyr of Albania. Maro threw himself and her child into the abyss together with the Ottoman soldiers not to show them the paths to the mountain.

6. The martyrdom that gave life to the freedom of the homeland was also Margarita Tutulani. She and her family protested against Italian rule. Margarita was the leading figure in the demonstration of November 28, 1942. After that she was asked by the fascist government. She and her brother were arrested and tortured in jail. After they got out of prison they were shot dead. Berat was shocked at the death of his brother and sister and the brutality of her death inspired people to join in resistance against the fascist government.

7. María Posio is the patriot who embroidered the eagle and the flag raised by Ismail Qemali in Vlora on November 28, 1912. The Marigold embroidered the banner with a piece that he had bought from a merchant with the surname Diamond. Marigosa is a figure that has merit in Albania's history and the consolidation of Albanian women.xing.al

Zela has been and remains an icon of the Albanian Song with its extraordinary sound that filled the scenes with energy. She is the only Albanian woman who has been honored with the Order of the "Nation's Honor" for her values as a prominent artist. In honor of her 2009 was declared "Viti Vaçe Zela". The queen of the Albanian song has won the top 12 first prizes, an unprecedented record to date.

9. Atifete Jahjaga is the first Kosovo president to serve for five full years in office. Since taking office, Atifete focused on strengthening the country's democratic institutions and securing greater international recognition for Kosovo.

10.Sevasti Qiriazi played a major role in women's education. She was the initiator of the organization of Albanian women's education and participated in the establishment of the school of girls. Sevasti Qiriazi was the first woman to study at the American College Robert College.

11.Ikbal Cika is the first Albanian women's journalist and the first female owner of the magazine "Java". Iqbal pave the way for the beginnings of women's involvement in all areas of life and made a significant contribution to raising the educational, cultural, emancipatory level for women.xing.al

12. Elli Qirici was the first Albanian female to act in Hollywood. She was a beautiful girl, with goals that became famous in Hollywood and reached the tops where anyone would dream of. Diva always cared about the fact that he was Albanian.

13. Rita Ora is the first Albanian singer to become famous in the world. Rita has sung that little, but it was the song "Hot right noa" promised in 2012 that gave international fame. Today, Rita is one of the most prestigious artists, and Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, Era Istrefi and others have also become known.

14.Sweden Inva Mula and Ermonela Jaho have been proud of their achievements in the world. Both have touched world-famous scenes and are admired by the Albanian and world public.

15. Laura Mersini is the famous American scientist and cosmology in America. Laura has questioned the theory of "Big Bang" which according to her is insufficient to explain the creation of the university.

16. In the field of the famous scenes are also the two Albanian sisters Sea and Argita Zalli which by emigrants managed to become scientists and pedagogues. Argita is a scientist in the field of UImunology while the Sea in the field of Molecular Biology.

17. Albanian women with whom Albania is proud is also Majlinda Kelmendi, who is the first Albanian female to win the Olympic Medal. / Xing.al

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