'You can not make two strings', Genta turns the epic response to the fans


E Martë 12 Shkurt 2019, 22:10 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

Former resident of "Big Brother", Genta Farmer continues to be one of the most commented characters in the media, often for the statements but also the photos he publishes.

Nowadays Genta is back in time posting some videos from her interviews and in one of them a trackback writer writes:

"You sneaky jennifying out that you can not see anything that you say AaaaA genta sdi to speak my moter sdi to tie two blinds Ben as the mouthpiece aaaaaaa swollen bones of the eke for other threesomes."

"How much nerves did after the peak of my jalla moj fanse," turns Genta back but the chauffeur has not stopped that.

"I do not have the nerves I just know very well and very close to me so with the strange idea that you are a woman in shows and outdoors, you do not know after 12 noon," continues the attendant.

"Ha m ..", turns Genta and closes it with that.

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