Rama: Online bets are also closed, millions are no longer thrown into the river


E Premte 11 Janar 2019, 21:09 / Kategoria Lajmet e fundit /  Read in English

Prime Minister Edi Rama is invited today in the "Free Zone", where he talked about the closing of the bets, saying that all were closed.

"All bets are closed. There are attempts that have been identified and will be closed and those who take over these are arrested and pay new consequences. Second, illegal online is closed and online struggle that is related to non-Albanian bets is a struggle that develops all the places, it is important that 99.99% of the money from bets and electronic casinos is exhausted. It is about hundreds and hundreds of millions of euros thrown into the river. If you tell me that hundreds of millions of euros have found a different channel, it is impossible. To play online you need a bank card, you need registration, so online is maximally limited, "the prime minister said.

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