Mary warns this horoscope sign: You will drink prey of the piista


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Java is closing with a very powerful connection between the Sun and Pluto. Pluto is the planet that marks the beginning and end to a new phase. It is the Phoenix that rebukes from its flames, asks Mary. They provoke antagonism, jealousy, and secret or suspicious actions. Below the forecast for all the signs.

You can have an important victory in your life but if you are not careful you can fall into provocations and dirty work

Will the capercaillie have a great legal or economic barrier and will open a new road that brings you out of uncertain situations even in personal life

It is a great mood to not expect much of the good and the realization by giving yourself not a chance but a shutdown

A strong partner or strong feel invites you to fight or to get that connection or interaction On the contrary you will be very jealous and self-disastrous

Today tells you where your weak points are and how you can fight to improve your health and well-being

The Sun in Capricorn shows you the biggest pain but also the people who have tired or deceived you especially in your personal life

A powerful influence restores the possibility of hoping for a rethink of family affairs or opportunities to strengthen family positions

You are strong in the messages you enter or in your staircase There is no plan that does not go around just you get perspireDo you have a very important meeting

You smile in an unpopular economic renaissance for the last few years Make use of every wisdom with wit and passion


Pluto perverts everything that remains for a long time as dictatorship or freezes situations. In this period we can strengthen our outlook
and our work

A very powerful presentation in the social life will make you understand that until now you have not had the opportunity to really see how reality is

You will have great support and a great purpose driven by passion or jealousy to become powerful or dominant in your life.

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