Accepted rape, Ronaldo's intimate video came out with the Albanian woman


E Martë 4 Dhjetor 2018, 00:12 / Kategoria Showbiz shqiptar /  Read in English

For some months now, the news is so big in the media that football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been charged with rape by an ex-wife of a Las Vegas bartender. 34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga said that after a night together in a club, Ronaldo had later tried to rape a hotel in Las Vegas. To close this issue, Kathryn states that Ronaldo gave her in 2010 a reward of 300,000 euros.

Although he described these rumors as rumors, recently Ronaldo has openly admitted the truth to his lawyer. "She said she was not worthy of having sex since they had just met, but she still caught up with the genitalia, she said she did not want to, but was ready, all the time difficult, but the act did not last long. he did not want to give it to me, but he did it using his hand. "She continued to say no, I'm not like the others." I asked for forgiveness back, "Ronaldo said.

The evening scenes where Ronaldo and the 34-year-old have spent intimate moments as dancing and embracing the club have been made public and are making the lap of the net. You can follow the private moments between them in the following video.